Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...stil trying to catch up...

So it’s not a Thursday but it is a week since my last post.

Dress Fitting - Wednesday night Stacy and I went to our second dress fitting. Stacy’s is done and ready to go and mine just needs some beading put back on! Yea – one more thing down!! Stacy will just be picking them up the Wednesday before the wedding. Whew!!

Friday Night at Dave’s Parents – Friday night after work we went to Dave’s parents house to see his parents, his aunt who was leaving on Saturday, to see vacation pictures, and to get some apples they had picked. We had a good time but it got late quick and we forgot to take our apples with us!! So we’ll have to see about going back to get some so we can make some apple yumminess!

Harvest and Herb Festival – The big yearly festival in Ada was this weekend so I went to see my niece in the parade, it was her first time in a parade – yep, I am THAT aunt! After the parade I walked through quickly with my mom, talked to a couple of the girls I went to High School with and caught up with them for a few before we went shopping. We didn’t go through the whole festival, we had other things to do, no money to buy anything, and no where to put anything if we would buy it!!!

Shoes - I went home this weekend to pick up some stuff from my parents and my mom and I went shopping for wedding shoes. We walked in to the first store and as soon as we walked in I picked up a pair of shoes….and those are the ones I bought! Yes I did try on a few other pairs, but they are pretty much as close to what I was looking for as I could get. My mom also needed to get her shoes for the new dress she picked out. She got a pair but now has to get approval from her friend so she can keep them!

Zoo - Sunday after I got home from my parents Dave and I went to the zoo. It was HOT and we didn’t dress properly for it!! We stayed for a few hours and then headed off to do some quick wedding shopping. To say the least the zoo was PACKED - I think the busiest we have ever seen it. Dora the Explorer was there - 3-5 year old INSANITY!!!

Dr. Visit – I was at the Drs. office today for over 2 hours. WHEW – I was tired when I left! I will have to go back after the wedding for another MRI and a possible biopsy after that. I really don’t want to do anything that involves cutting until after the wedding. I have too much going on for ANY down time!!

Other News – We got our engagement prints back today!! So now to work on the rest of the crafty projects we have planned. RSVP’s are still coming in a few a day. One week til they are due! I have been busy with working on the ceremony, DJ paperwork, a day of timeline. My main to do tasks right now are finish up Thank You’s from my second shower, get music in order for the ceremony, and figure out how much alcohol to buy!! People keep asking how things are going…and I think they are going pretty good for 3.5 weeks out. Yea that is the scary part…LESS than a month!!!!

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