Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a weekend!

Why do I even make weekend plans on weekends I don’t have “plans”? This weekend was going to be fall cleaning weekend. Then I got this silly cold. Saturday I got not much of nothing done. Took a nap and then we headed over to the Delaware County Fair, and came home and went to bed!

The fair was good overall - very hot and sweaty - but fun! It’s nice to live in the town of the fair because you can go out for a few hours a few different days to see and do everything you want without having to be SOOOO tired and worn out! We went through most everything we wanted to see – animal barns, arts and crafts buildings, vendors trying to sell you stuff building. We like to look at all the items submitted for the photography competitions. And then we went to a few different places to try and get some pictures of animals and other fair fun! Too bad I can’t figure out why my pictures won’t add to posts L

I tried to watch part of the OSU game, but I was too tired and it was too depressing so I fell asleep. Dave was out talking to the neighbor and came in to see if I had took cold medicine or not - he could hear me coughing outside - opppps!

Today was another lazy day til the wind storm started. We decided we weren’t going to do anything outside. I went to go pick up some Mickey D’s while I was in line the computer system went down. So I got Subway and headed back home. Where Dave got ready and we headed off to the store, which we had to take the long way since there was a power line down over the railroad. Got way more than we went in for and headed home. Had to take another long way because the power line was still down. (we didn’t know it was a down power line time we got home, thought it was a car accident the first time) Got everything in and I check my phone. A missed call from Dave’s dad - kinda odd but I called him back. He wanted to talk to Dave so I went out and got him. His dad had been in an accident – a tree limb came down on this car. He was in the ER - it ended up only being some very deep bruises and some bleeding from the glass pieces hitting him - but no major cuts or injuries. He was still in the ER when he called so we went over to check on the house and let the dogs out. His dad got home after we had been there for a little while and seems to be doing well. Dave is going to go over tomorrow to help him clean up the limbs that are down in the yard. There aren’t a lot but he will need some help!!

It’s now 10:15 and Dave has broke out the NEW Kitchen Aid stand mixer to make something since all the fast food in town are without power. We are very lucky that we still have it!! I was ordered the whole way home that it went out while we were gone!

So nothing went as planned this weekend and I did get some much needed rest. Time to start another fun week. I have a meeting Monday night and a dress fitting on Wednesday - oh the joys!

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