Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Delaware County Fair Take 2

Dave and I went to the Delaware County Fair again tonight after work. We went over for the Rough Truck competition but made a few stops along the way. As we were on our way to get food we noticed a crowd at the small animal tent – so we went to check it out. A calf had JUST been born….like 10 minutes before we walked up!! It was very neat because we got to get within 2 feet of the calf while the mom was still cleaning him off. We stayed for around 15 minutes waiting on the calf to stand up but he never made it while we were there.

Then we headed off to get dinner - I am not really that into fair food…sad I know! We got Stromboli, as we end up doing every year - whoooo hoooo - go us!

Then off to the Rough Truck competition, we thought we would be late but we got to see all the trucks/cars! I was surprised but I really enjoyed!! I was surprised by the speed of some of the trucks on the course!

Then we went to head out and stopped to get a lemonade and funnel cake. Yea my version of fair food – lemonade!

We went the wrong way out to stop and check out the calf again on our way out L Guess we will have to go back later this week!!! Gotta love living within walking distance to the fair.

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