Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls Weekend/Bachelorette Party

Friday evening a group of my girl friends headed down to Hocking Hills for a weekend of relaxation and fun, and my bachelorette party on Saturday night at Bear Run Cabins. After many changes of plans Stacy and I left her house around 3:40 on Friday afternoon with her car PACKED!! We where the first 2 there and got familiar with our cabin, unloaded all of our stuff and had it put away before the next car got there with Kristy, then Michelle and Bethany arrived and last but not least Robin!

The cabin was VERY nice!!! It totally exceeded my expectations that’s for sure! The master bedroom that Stacy and I shared was the only room upstairs and had its own bathroom, a garden tub, and a nice king size bed. Plus had a LOT of room to hold all of our stuff. There was a hot tub on the back porch what we enjoyed on Friday night.

The only not so good things was storage for ALL the food we brought, we FILLED the fridge and had to bring a dresser out of a bedroom to put our non-perishables in. To say the least we had MORE than enough for the weekend and didn’t even end up cooking what we brought for dinner Saturday night.

Saturday we went for “hike” around the property we stayed at and then Robin and I continued down the road. It was nice because it was not a very busy area and was very relaxing. We went back to the cabin, watched the Buckeyes (two of the girls are OU alumni - ICK!!!), made some yummy lunch, took a nap and then went on a hayride that the owners of the cabin do nightly!!! When we got back it was Bachelorette party time – I did have a good time and my friends are true friends and kept things very tame!!!

Sunday we got up and had to pack up to leave by 11 – as it was check out time and we had to get back to Hilliard for my shower!

I think everyone had a very good time and we are looking forward to going back next year!!!

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