Monday, September 8, 2008

End of Summer Fun

I started out the weekend with no plans for Sunday and Monday, so I had all these plans for things we could get done. THEN Dave decided to go to Cabela’s with his friend Tom and Tom’s dad on Sunday and reminded me that that some hunting season opened Monday and he planned to go. The thought of sitting home alone and getting anything done over the two days was not looking good. So Sunday AM after I got up and moving I decided to head to Indian Lake to see the clan. I figured I really hadn’t got to see people that much over the summer, it felt like all of our trips ended up rushed. It ended up being a very relaxing and fun Sunday. I got there and we went on a golf cart ride, kids played in sprinklers, watched them ride their bikes, played fossball (sp??) with the older ones, went on a boat ride, had some pizza from Froggy’s, and just sat around and talked. Overall a wonderful last of “summer” day at the lake! I ended up taking my mom home and spending the night their, we worked on the final invite list. (yes I know I am WAY behind)Monday I came home early afternoon and just did a few things around the house and TRIED to work on the wedding invites. But that didn’t go as easy as planned and I ended up giving up for the day after a couple hours of fighting!!!

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