Saturday, March 20, 2010

Progressive Dinner

So a few months ago, at the last Procrastinator’s Christmas Party, we decided to plan a few events for upcoming months. Last month was supposed to be Snow Tubing, which turned into appetizer and Wii night. This month was a Progressive Dinner Party! I had been looking forward to this for the last few weeks, good friends, good food, what more could you ask for??

The evening started with me going to Stacy and Jimmy’s, we decided why drive a bunch of cars around, then we went and picked up Jackie to head to John and Kristy’s. They had the appetizer portion of the meal, and had a variety of different appetizers for us to try. We had not eat to many though to pace ourselves!

Next stop was Stacy and Jimmy’s for soup. Now I am not a big soup fan, but I figured I would give it a whirl, and lucky me I ended up being the evening entertainment! Stacy had prepared two different soups – sweet and sour and chicken tortilla. I started with the sweet and sour soup. The broth was yummy, but the stuff in it tasted funny. It was TOFU!!!!! Yeah, NOT nice Stacy! It was a consistency thing, I didn’t care for it, so I ate around it. Next I tried the chicken tortilla soup, which was OK, but then I would out it had refried beans in it. YUCKO! I did survive, but not happily!

By this time it was like 8 at night and we headed to Jackie’s for the main meal. We all felt a little full by this point so she held off for a few before finishing up the final touches on dinner. She made chicken in the Crockpot and served it over noodles with garlic bread. It was VERY yummy, but was a Tastefully Simple mix that they no longer make L Hate when that happens!!!

And last, but not least, was my dessert. I had found the recipe on Facebook, but come to find out it was in the coupon section a few weeks ago and Jackie had saved the recipe because she thought it looked good! I was a little concerned about it because I didn’t realize how long it was going to take to make with all the cooling steps! But it turned out good and everyone seemed to like it, Jimmy even said I could make it again!!!

We played Wii for a few minutes before we decided to call it a night, everyone was tired and FULL from all the yummy food!! We decided that next time we would need to start earlier!!!