Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honeymoon Day 2

Tuesday we got up and got to Old Man’s Cave by 9:30 in the morning, taking the “scenic” route. Yes it was “scenic” but it was also kinda scary! Roads that seems to me to one lane roads, but weren’t! We were very happy to see very few cars in the parking lot. Normally we got on the weekend and the place is PACKED! We started down the trail and quickly realized there was NO water in the place!! A few placed had some sitting water but none in the normal places, no waterfalls, it was rather sad to say the least. But we kept going and went a few places we hadn’t been in years. It started out VERY cold and got a little better as the morning went on. I decided that maybe a T-Shirt and fleece shirt weren’t my best option in clothing! As we went down the trails it became more and more busy, and we saw a small bus from the Westerville Senior Center – decided against going down into the main area where all the people had gone and we headed to Cedar Falls.

As we started out at Cedar Falls a couple with 2 cute downs told us to not follow the signs to the parking lot on the way back that it was a hard train and much worse than the trip down – we decided to keep that in mind!! We had never really got to explore Cedar Falls before, the only time we had been before was at the end of a trail we had hiked down the first time we went to Hocking Hills years ago, and we were so tired we just wanted to be done! It was a lot of fun, and since there was no water anywhere we went off trail a few times and at times even on the old trail – I know bad us! It was very pretty down there and they had some nice photo ops!

We got done there and I was HUNGRY – but we needed a few things from Wal-Mart again so we went there and then we headed off to Kroger to get animal “feed”. Dave got a mix of corn, peanuts, and I am not sure what else to put out to try and bring the animals up. We headed back to the cabin, had a roast beef sandwich for lunch, followed by a nap!! We went out to Millstone for dinner, we had been there last time we went down and it was good so we went back! Food was yummy, but the service wasn’t as great this time. We took another scenic route home, past Lake Logan. After our different trips down there I am finally starting to get the hang of where we are going and how to connect the 2!

Tuesday evening we just chilled out, watched the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks in the yard.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Honeymoon Day 1

Our day started out with unpacking the car from the wedding, repacking for our trip, and a costly trip to Costco. But we finally got out of Columbus a little before 3 PM, in our attempt to beat rush hour!

We arrived at our cabin at Pleasant Valley Cabins a little before 4 PM on Monday. When we got there we had been switched from Cabin 1 to Cabin 2, no biggie they are identical. As we checked in I was a little confused when the woman said we may want to back down the hill, silly me thought she meant when we were leaving, no she meant on our way UP the hill as we would need a “running” start. So Dave drove us up the hill, it was VERY bumpy and steep. The cabin was just as the pictures on the website, very cute and everything we could want. As we where unpacking Dave saw a wild turkey in the backyard, of course he didn’t have a camera with him and we never say one again. After unpacking we decided to chill out for a little while before we headed off to Wal-Mart to pick up food for the week. This lead to my first nap of the week!! I will say those couches are very comfy. After I got up we headed off to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff and decided to just get a pre-bake pizza to make when we got back to the cabin. We got back to the cabin and decided to try out the hot tub before we had dinner. It was great!! It was rather chilly out but the warm water and beautiful stars where worth it!! I decided to start off the week with my domestic diva act and baked the pizza, but quickly learned the problem was there was no pizza cutter and the knives in the cabin weren’t the best! But it all worked out! We watched some more TV, I feel asleep, and Dave read his book.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

T Minus 6 Days!

Where did the last week go?

Monday - I had my first Relay For Life committee meeting. Not very exciting. It was only me, Stacy, and Meghan our ACS staff person. No one else showed L Hopefully that is not a sign of how the year will go. We had a good meeting overall though and got some ideas of out plans.

Tuesday - Mystery Dinner night at Spaghetti Warehouse! I love those things. We always have a good time - it is so much fun. And of course the food is very yummy.

Wednesday - Dave and I got off work early to go and get our marriage license!! Yep I was very excited, we finally got everything we needed and got it done! We also went to Dave’s parents house to pick up a present and to Costco to look for a few things….which we didn’t find. Dangit! But it was nice evening!

Thursday - FINALLY a night at home!! Tried to get caught up a on a few things, including my neglected DVR.

Friday –Dave and I went to Sam’s Cub to price some things. Headed over to The Container Store for a photo box that I was wanting. Walked around window shopping. To TJ Maxx and Dick’s Sporting. Then to Stacy’s to pick up some more of the wedding stuff that I needed to take to my parents.

Saturday – Off to Ada again, dropped off stuff, went to Lima for some more last minute shopping, you know the drill!

Today – Came back from Ada, started going through and trying to organize our wedding/shower presents. Had to return a few things and get everything for the cats to be on their own for a week with a quick visit from us. Overall….a pretty nice day!!!

This coming week we don’t have a lot planned. I am just happy about only working for 3 days!!! Yippy!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Less than 2 weeks!

Wow - time sure does fly when you are getting married!! It looks like it has been a little over a week since I last updated this blog.

Last weekend I went to a Relay For Life Leadership Summit for $10,000 Team Captains and Chairs and Co-Chairs for next year’s events for all over Ohio. I love going to these things, they have some of the best trainings I have been to. They are fun, informative, and you get to hear ideas from all over the state. I also call it the one “perk” for chairing the event - because they pay for hotel rooms for a night since it’s a Friday night/Saturday thing! Stacy went also this year so it was cool to have someone else to share it with and room with. Let’s just say I order room service for the first time ever, and it was off the kids meal and in the end we didn’t pay for it. The service for the wasn’t the best!

Saturday afternoon and early evening I went to Stacy’s and we worked on wedding crafty projects. We made a photo frame card box for the reception. We then headed over to a party at our friends house and then back to Stacy’s I went. I stayed there so we could work on more wedding crafty projects along with making a to do list and trying to talk things through for what I wanted and needed. We did finish the monogrammed aisle runner and a nice long to do list!!

Last week I didn’t have a lot going on. I started tanning, Dave and I went out to dinner one night to get away from it all, I had a Relay meeting with a possible committee member, and get a good amount of wedding stuff done. I think we are very on schedule right now!

This weekend I went back to my parents place and got my hair done on Saturday morning and then we worked on more wedding stuff Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we watched the OSU game, which I feel asleep part way through!! But yea they won!!!

Today was cleaning the car, heading back home and then Dave and I went to Michael’s to buy a few more things for centerpieces and had to return a few things to Wal-Mart and pick up a few more things. But I got a lot off the to do list!!!

We are now at less than 2 weeks….almost to the point of I just want it to be here!!!