Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not so normal week

Well this week wasn’t a normal one for me! It started Monday morning - I had to be in Dublin by 7:15 AM to have ANOTHER MRI done. This time of my knee. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one - it as feet first and I only had to go halfway in. YEA! Tuesday I didn’t feel to good - stiff back, sore throat, headache = a sick day!! I slept in, took a nap, got a few little things done around the house. Wednesday I had to be back to the Drs. Office by 8 AM - to be told I need to go to yet ANOTHER dr. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am not enjoying all of this!!!! Then that night I went to bed at 7:30 and slept til 6:30 this AM. Yea I should be all caught up on sleep!

Work has also been a changing….I have gotten more work so that means a little more stress and things to balance all day. Once I get more used to it I should be good it’s just the re-learning curve.

I’m glad it’s almost the weekend so I can relax and get caught up on some things around the apartment!!

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