Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time to go home

We woke up this morning and all I could think was I don’t wanna go home!! This is the first time as an adult I have gone camping and NOT been ready go to home on the morning we leave. Since we had the whole day off work we decided that we would just take our time getting ready to go home.

We didn’t get up until like 7:30 - and that was only because the sun was baking us out of the tent.

We slowly started packing up, showering, making breakfast and all that.

Much to my surprise everything DID fit back in the car.

We left the campgrounds about Noon to head home.

We got home and pretty much unpacked the whole car before I had to leave for Relay Wrap Up. Go us! Normally I would have camping stuff in my car for days, weeks, maybe even months!!

And now my mind is drifting…and googling when and where we can go camping next!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Evening

Tonight was supposed to the LAST Relay For Life Fundraiser for this year that I was planning/taking part in. I was VERY excited. As much as I LOVE Relay I need a break. I know we can collect $$ til the end of August, but I am do ready to be done!

We had a Lia Sophia party planned at a local hotel. As of 10 AM this morning I just a handful of maybe’s but no Yep I’ll Be There’s. So after talking with Stacy we decided it was best to cancel it. We are looking into having it later this summer, maybe August when the new catalog comes out?!?

So what is a girl to do with an unexpected free evening? Why call Stacy and see if she wants to do Happy Hour at Uno’s of course!! Stacy had also been wanting to buy a camera but because she is SO dang busy keeps putting it off. So I figured Uno’s AND Best Buy all in one evening would be perfect! So off we went.

We had some yummy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas and Pizza Skins at Uno’s for dinner. And of course some good conversation! We have been so busy lately we hadn’t had time to go out and enjoy our evening without it resolving around Relay or Jaycees.

Next stop was Best Buy! It was great - I got to play with cameras and someone else was buying! I had done some looking on-line at a few before we went so we really only LOOKED at 2 different ones. One I didn’t realize in my web looking was a Waterproof to 10 feet camera - I of course wanted one, til Stacy pointed out the chances of me actually going underwater!

She ended up getting a shiny new RED Cannon!! It is very cute, and has a ton of features!!!

So yet another SUCCESSFUL evening - yummy food, fun with a good friend, and a new camera!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping Day 2

I really have NO clue what time we got up. I do know that Dave had showered, washed dishes, I had showered, cooked breakfast, ate breakfast, wash dishes again and was done and relaxing by 7:15 AM. Yea normally I can’t be out of the shower by 7:15!!

The happy point of the weekend was we had HOT water to shower with and NO line!! Yep that MADE the trip. Normally when we have gone camping it has been COLD and we only shower the first morning and then shower when we get home the next. But this time was so much better, the water was so hot I had to turn it down!

The people had we thought went to the wedding the night before - all dressed up again and leaving at 6:55 AM. Again - I have never seen people get so dressed up from a tent!

We had a VERY yummy breakfast – after a little panic that the power at our site wasn’t working. But Dave reset it and it was good to go! Dave made scrambled eggs, pancakes, and sausage link for breakfast – very yummy! At first I was concerned about the shake and pour pancakes, but they ended up being very good.

So what do you do at 7:15 on a Sunday while camping? Dave thinks fishing is a good start. I think reading and dozing in and out is the better option! And in my relax and go with the follow I don’t know much on timing for the rest of the day! I just know we went a BUNCH of different places.

Brandywine Falls - This was my pick, one of the reasons we picked the park to stay at. I have no clue how I even found out about this place but I have been looking at it on-line for months. This also added another National Park to my list! Brandywine Falls is part of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We ended up not going down into the riverbed of the falls but had a great time! We walked to both of the main observation desks and looked around and took pictures for awhile. It was a very nice park, they had wood walkways and stairs up and down.

Blue Hen Falls - On our way out of Brandywine Falls I saw the words somewhere else on the map and decided we needed to go! So we looked it up online via the phone and found out where that one was. We learned that Dave’s GPS does work with coordinates! At this park it was more trail walking. Again we decided we didn’t want to go down in the riverbed but we did go to the top of the falls and took some pictures of smaller falls at the top.

After Blue Hen Falls it was Dave’s turn to pick our next stop, he wanted to go to Painesville he had been there for work MANY times but wanted to go for fun.

$2.10 large water - On the way to Painesville I needed to stop to use the restroom, so we stopped at a Mickey D’s so I could get a cheeseburger too. While I was in the rest room Dave went ahead and ordered me a sandwich, but I also wanted a water. So I ordered a large water and French fry, the cashier informed me that she could give me a free small water but anything bigger would be the same price as a soft drink, which was $2.10 for a large. Uhhhh, no thank you please cancel my order. I was NOT to happy, I think that is CRAZY – really $2.10 for water???

Some park in Painesville that had falls in the name but saw no falls - In keeping with our go with the flow theme we saw a park, it had Falls in the name. It was a down a bumpy dirt road, with lots of people pulled over fishing, playing in the water, and picnicking. We never found any waterfalls, but we had SO much fun. I couldn’t stop laughing for most of the drive. Boy oh boy does my car need a bath after that drive!

Some park in Painesville - Next was the other random park on the other side of the river. Dave wanted to do some fishing so I sat at a picnic table in the park and watched everyone . Dave didn’t catch any fish but I had a nice time watching a family come together for a picnic. A group of kids playing in the water. (To be young again!!) Another family going out in a canoe and kayak. It was nice to see families doing things together, that are free or cheap. Made me rethink some things….back to the basics!!

The beach - At this point Dave realized how close we are to Lake Erie and wanted to see if we could go see the water. So he got on the GPS and looked for a park, it ended up being Headlands Beach State Park, and it was very impressive. It was a HUGE beach, it was a very long walk to the water to say they least!! As we walked down we saw a lighthouse, which of course I wanted to go and see. We walked around for a little bit and then decided to see if we could drive down further on the beach and walk to the lighthouse. It was still a ways down the beach! We got to the end of the beach and thought there was a walkway out to the lighthouse – but NOPE, it was a bunch of broken up rocks and stuff and we BOTH decided that I was not going to be able to walk it. I am very clumsy and trip over my own two feet and didn’t want to end up in Lake Erie!! The walk back was HORRIBLE. It was hot, I was getting hot and tired, and I was bummed because I didn’t get to go out to the lighthouse. I was VERY excited when we got to the car!

Back to Camp – On the way back to our site we stopped by the Lodge and cottages at the park to see what they are like. Always good to know what is available if we go back! Then we had to stop by the Marina again to pick up some ice…and milkshakes! Dave wanted to go fishing again but we decided to start the fire first with what firewood we had left. He went fishing and I decided give pizza pies again. They turned out MUCH better tonight! I ended up laying in the tent and reading and relaxing again. When Dave got back we made s’mores, sat around the fire, and went to bed. Whew – what a LONG busy day?!?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Will I Ever Learn?

To not wait until the last minute to get ready and pack for trips?

We are going camping this weekend. We haven’t been since last August and to say the least we didn’t do a very good job or organizing things when we put it away. So I knew it was going to take some time – but MAN!

I started bugging Dave earlier this week to get stuff together, and he did dig some of it out on Monday night. Then Tuesday night he got the call that he needed to go out of town overnight for work. He ended up leaving Wednesday @ 5:15 AM and didn’t get back until Thursday night at about 11:15. So both of those nights ended up out the window!!

So tonight we started. I had gone on-line looking into what all we should be bring up and made up some a spreadsheet of things needed to pack, so we started checking things off when we got home from work tonight.

The car is now half packed, we had to make a quick trip to Meijer to get a cooler and a few other things. The one we have been using for a few years is rusted with the handle up and won’t fit in my car!

Dave is working on getting the last of the things we can think of together – minus our clothes. That will be a tomorrow AM event. We aren’t planning to leave until 10-11 AM since we can’t check in til 3 and we are staying until Monday.

I am TRYing to be patient and go with the flow this weekend. A little less structure than I am used to…so we will see how it goes.

On Sunday we will be going to Brandywine Falls and a few other places in the NW Ohio region.

It should prove to be an interesting weekend!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Culver’s Fundraiser

For the last 5 months we have had a monthly fundraiser for the Relay For Life of Hilliard at different restaurants around town. This tonight we had our last one at Culver’s in Hilliard. It is a pretty good deal - we got 10% of all sales of the evening and all we had to do was spread the word and have a few people work as “runners”. As orders got done we got to take them out to the customers table or car if it was a drive up order. I am a big DORK and LOVED it! Not saying I would like to do it every day or for a living, but it was fun. PLUS we got to have someone at the door to accept donations!

The fundraiser lasted from 6 PM – 9 PM to cover the main dinner rush. It stayed pretty busy most of the night between people getting dinner and then also coming back to get dessert. We had about 9 volunteers throughout the evening to help.

At the end of the night we made $110 from sales and about $25 in donations/tips!! Compared to the other fundraisers we have held that was pretty good for it only covering a 3 hour time frame! AND we got to eat some yummy CHEESE CURDS and ice cream - a win win situation!!

Only one more fundraiser to go for this Relay season!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Columbus Arts Festival

This weekend was spent downtown Columbus at the Columbus Arts Festival working a Beer, Wine, and Pop booth to raise money for the Hilliard Jaycees. In years past we have worked the event for one day, but this year decided to do two days. To say the least it was two LONG days. We didn’t have enough people so Stacy and I both ended up working all day both days! Lucky for us the weather was very nice for the festival and we got to be under nice big tents so heat wasn’t too much of an issue!

We made our pay for the weekend but also got a little over $100 in tips! Pretty good for not being about to ask for them by putting a tip jar out!

The Arts Festival is always fun to people watch out, it brings out the biggest variety of people in festivals that we work. You have people dressed up with heels and dresses and suits - to people in town clothes with multiple colored hair! Our booth was pretty slow so we got to do A LOT of people watching.

I got to look at my favorite vendors items, he does black and white photography – and he had some of the places we are going to be going next week. I didn’t buy anything, his prices have gone WAY up in the last few years, and all the stuff I have bought from him is in a box labels home d├ęcor. That I keep adding to, but never have taken anything out of! I figure with all of Dave’s pictures if I am going to buy something it better be SPECIAL.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A day off

The lovely company I work for is nice enough this year to give us an extra 10 days off - unpaid :( Today is one of those days, and I really have nothing to do today but get some things done around the house.

Last night I made a to do like for today, I ended up with about 29 items, including to go to lunch with Stacy - the highlight of the day! We ended up going to Boston’s Pizza in Marysville, it was pretty yummy, but the company was even better. Stacy has been sooo busy this year we don’t get to do that very often anymore, but only 3 weeks until she is done with her MBA program!!!

I decided I needed a Diet Coke from Mickey D’s on the way home. First she forgot to give me a straw, but I got that and was happily on my way home. Til I got to the stop light, the ding ding 2 cars in front of me stopped on a green light and then wouldn’t go right on red – and my cup went tumbling into the passenger floor! A WHOLE large Diet Coke :( Come to find out they had given me TWO cups which made the top part top heavy and it flipped. And YES I did go back and get another one. I had my heart set on one.

Now I am back to work around the house, doing laundry, cleaning some of the basement up, sending out reminders and invites about upcoming meetings and fundraisers for Jaycees and Relay! Not the most fun way to spend a day off, but very needed with everything else that has been/is going on lately!! Is it July yet??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another New Experience

Last night I tried another new things, and like normal stressed myself about it! We tie dyed our 2009 Jaycee chapter shirts!

We all thought that the other one knew what we needed to do. But really none of us had done this before or in over 15 years! We went to get started and learned you needed ½ cup salt for every color and we had planned to do 5 colors. That is A LOT of salt, so Stacy and I had to go and buy some more.

We got back and the fun started we started by putting our rubber bands on the shirts and picking our colors. I of course have to over think things – MAJORLY. So I ended up pretty much being on rinsing patrol.

I am sure that Jackie’s neighbors thought it was a little odd that a group of 30 and 40 year olds where out tie dying shirts at 9:30 at night!

I don’t have a finished project yet, but hopefully tomorrow night.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes, I do know that it is June, and that our year starts in January. I have decided that this year I am going to start my “New Year” in June!!

The first 5 months of 2009 have not been the best. Not that they have been HORRIBLE, and I know it could have been much worse, but I want to start over!

For a few months now I have been saying my life would start to look a little better in June. So I am going to go with the positive and say things are going to be better starting in June - which happens to be today!!

Relay For Life is over! Well the event is but I still have some accounting fun to do with it, but now is the fun part, seeing our total raised go up!

Part of my “June New Year” is I do want to start blogging more. I think like 5 times a week would be a good thing - so that is going to be my goal!

I am also trying to get rid of some of this extra weight, I have been taking baby steps for almost a month now. Hopefully as I am home more it will help with that!

I am planning to take a cake decorating class in July - I started one a few years ago but didn’t like the teacher so well and didn’t continue. So I am going to give it a go again!

My main thought, is to find a nice Happy Medium!!!