Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...stil trying to catch up...

So it’s not a Thursday but it is a week since my last post.

Dress Fitting - Wednesday night Stacy and I went to our second dress fitting. Stacy’s is done and ready to go and mine just needs some beading put back on! Yea – one more thing down!! Stacy will just be picking them up the Wednesday before the wedding. Whew!!

Friday Night at Dave’s Parents – Friday night after work we went to Dave’s parents house to see his parents, his aunt who was leaving on Saturday, to see vacation pictures, and to get some apples they had picked. We had a good time but it got late quick and we forgot to take our apples with us!! So we’ll have to see about going back to get some so we can make some apple yumminess!

Harvest and Herb Festival – The big yearly festival in Ada was this weekend so I went to see my niece in the parade, it was her first time in a parade – yep, I am THAT aunt! After the parade I walked through quickly with my mom, talked to a couple of the girls I went to High School with and caught up with them for a few before we went shopping. We didn’t go through the whole festival, we had other things to do, no money to buy anything, and no where to put anything if we would buy it!!!

Shoes - I went home this weekend to pick up some stuff from my parents and my mom and I went shopping for wedding shoes. We walked in to the first store and as soon as we walked in I picked up a pair of shoes….and those are the ones I bought! Yes I did try on a few other pairs, but they are pretty much as close to what I was looking for as I could get. My mom also needed to get her shoes for the new dress she picked out. She got a pair but now has to get approval from her friend so she can keep them!

Zoo - Sunday after I got home from my parents Dave and I went to the zoo. It was HOT and we didn’t dress properly for it!! We stayed for a few hours and then headed off to do some quick wedding shopping. To say the least the zoo was PACKED - I think the busiest we have ever seen it. Dora the Explorer was there - 3-5 year old INSANITY!!!

Dr. Visit – I was at the Drs. office today for over 2 hours. WHEW – I was tired when I left! I will have to go back after the wedding for another MRI and a possible biopsy after that. I really don’t want to do anything that involves cutting until after the wedding. I have too much going on for ANY down time!!

Other News – We got our engagement prints back today!! So now to work on the rest of the crafty projects we have planned. RSVP’s are still coming in a few a day. One week til they are due! I have been busy with working on the ceremony, DJ paperwork, a day of timeline. My main to do tasks right now are finish up Thank You’s from my second shower, get music in order for the ceremony, and figure out how much alcohol to buy!! People keep asking how things are going…and I think they are going pretty good for 3.5 weeks out. Yea that is the scary part…LESS than a month!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Delaware County Fair Take 2

Dave and I went to the Delaware County Fair again tonight after work. We went over for the Rough Truck competition but made a few stops along the way. As we were on our way to get food we noticed a crowd at the small animal tent – so we went to check it out. A calf had JUST been born….like 10 minutes before we walked up!! It was very neat because we got to get within 2 feet of the calf while the mom was still cleaning him off. We stayed for around 15 minutes waiting on the calf to stand up but he never made it while we were there.

Then we headed off to get dinner - I am not really that into fair food…sad I know! We got Stromboli, as we end up doing every year - whoooo hoooo - go us!

Then off to the Rough Truck competition, we thought we would be late but we got to see all the trucks/cars! I was surprised but I really enjoyed!! I was surprised by the speed of some of the trucks on the course!

Then we went to head out and stopped to get a lemonade and funnel cake. Yea my version of fair food – lemonade!

We went the wrong way out to stop and check out the calf again on our way out L Guess we will have to go back later this week!!! Gotta love living within walking distance to the fair.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a weekend!

Why do I even make weekend plans on weekends I don’t have “plans”? This weekend was going to be fall cleaning weekend. Then I got this silly cold. Saturday I got not much of nothing done. Took a nap and then we headed over to the Delaware County Fair, and came home and went to bed!

The fair was good overall - very hot and sweaty - but fun! It’s nice to live in the town of the fair because you can go out for a few hours a few different days to see and do everything you want without having to be SOOOO tired and worn out! We went through most everything we wanted to see – animal barns, arts and crafts buildings, vendors trying to sell you stuff building. We like to look at all the items submitted for the photography competitions. And then we went to a few different places to try and get some pictures of animals and other fair fun! Too bad I can’t figure out why my pictures won’t add to posts L

I tried to watch part of the OSU game, but I was too tired and it was too depressing so I fell asleep. Dave was out talking to the neighbor and came in to see if I had took cold medicine or not - he could hear me coughing outside - opppps!

Today was another lazy day til the wind storm started. We decided we weren’t going to do anything outside. I went to go pick up some Mickey D’s while I was in line the computer system went down. So I got Subway and headed back home. Where Dave got ready and we headed off to the store, which we had to take the long way since there was a power line down over the railroad. Got way more than we went in for and headed home. Had to take another long way because the power line was still down. (we didn’t know it was a down power line time we got home, thought it was a car accident the first time) Got everything in and I check my phone. A missed call from Dave’s dad - kinda odd but I called him back. He wanted to talk to Dave so I went out and got him. His dad had been in an accident – a tree limb came down on this car. He was in the ER - it ended up only being some very deep bruises and some bleeding from the glass pieces hitting him - but no major cuts or injuries. He was still in the ER when he called so we went over to check on the house and let the dogs out. His dad got home after we had been there for a little while and seems to be doing well. Dave is going to go over tomorrow to help him clean up the limbs that are down in the yard. There aren’t a lot but he will need some help!!

It’s now 10:15 and Dave has broke out the NEW Kitchen Aid stand mixer to make something since all the fast food in town are without power. We are very lucky that we still have it!! I was ordered the whole way home that it went out while we were gone!

So nothing went as planned this weekend and I did get some much needed rest. Time to start another fun week. I have a meeting Monday night and a dress fitting on Wednesday - oh the joys!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sneeze, Sneeze

That is what I have been doing the last few days. I have caught a cold and even with rest I don’t seem to be getting better very quickly! I can’t seem to get enough energy/motivation to get anything done.

Last night we had a date night at the Laundromat - go us! We needed to wash all of our bedding and blankets for the upcoming cooler/cold weather. So off we went. That place was pretty busy for 7:30 on a Friday night! We got half of it started and had to wait on another machine to come open so I ran across the street and got us Mexican for dinner.

After we washed one of the comforters we had to wash it again, it seems to big even for their washer, I don’t get it. We had ran out of detergent so we bought some there. Dave said to get two boxes one for each of the wash cycles. Wellllll we ended up with bubbles EVERYWHERE!!!! The nice lady there told us to buy some fabric softener and it would get the bubbles out of the wash and they would clean up the rest of the bubbles. Every time we go there we learn something new I guess!!!

This morning now afternoon I am just hanging out. I finally got a shower but that is far as I have got today. So much for my fall cleaning weekend!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not so normal week

Well this week wasn’t a normal one for me! It started Monday morning - I had to be in Dublin by 7:15 AM to have ANOTHER MRI done. This time of my knee. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one - it as feet first and I only had to go halfway in. YEA! Tuesday I didn’t feel to good - stiff back, sore throat, headache = a sick day!! I slept in, took a nap, got a few little things done around the house. Wednesday I had to be back to the Drs. Office by 8 AM - to be told I need to go to yet ANOTHER dr. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am not enjoying all of this!!!! Then that night I went to bed at 7:30 and slept til 6:30 this AM. Yea I should be all caught up on sleep!

Work has also been a changing….I have gotten more work so that means a little more stress and things to balance all day. Once I get more used to it I should be good it’s just the re-learning curve.

I’m glad it’s almost the weekend so I can relax and get caught up on some things around the apartment!!

Shower #2

On Sunday Stacy, Jackie, and Dave’s Mom held a Bridal Shower for me at Jackie’s house. It was VERY nice!! There ended up being about 17 friends and family friends who came out to share in the fun. Stacy had some fun not overly showery games for us to have and had prizes not only for the guests but also for me!! That was a surprise! They had a nice spread of snacky yet filling foods for everyone to enjoy along with a very yummy cake!! Everyone spoiled us - we got a LOT of wonderful presents that we can’t wait to use!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to make this SUCH a special day for me!!!

Again I am reminded how lucky I am to have such great friends and family in my life!!!

Girls Weekend/Bachelorette Party

Friday evening a group of my girl friends headed down to Hocking Hills for a weekend of relaxation and fun, and my bachelorette party on Saturday night at Bear Run Cabins. After many changes of plans Stacy and I left her house around 3:40 on Friday afternoon with her car PACKED!! We where the first 2 there and got familiar with our cabin, unloaded all of our stuff and had it put away before the next car got there with Kristy, then Michelle and Bethany arrived and last but not least Robin!

The cabin was VERY nice!!! It totally exceeded my expectations that’s for sure! The master bedroom that Stacy and I shared was the only room upstairs and had its own bathroom, a garden tub, and a nice king size bed. Plus had a LOT of room to hold all of our stuff. There was a hot tub on the back porch what we enjoyed on Friday night.

The only not so good things was storage for ALL the food we brought, we FILLED the fridge and had to bring a dresser out of a bedroom to put our non-perishables in. To say the least we had MORE than enough for the weekend and didn’t even end up cooking what we brought for dinner Saturday night.

Saturday we went for “hike” around the property we stayed at and then Robin and I continued down the road. It was nice because it was not a very busy area and was very relaxing. We went back to the cabin, watched the Buckeyes (two of the girls are OU alumni - ICK!!!), made some yummy lunch, took a nap and then went on a hayride that the owners of the cabin do nightly!!! When we got back it was Bachelorette party time – I did have a good time and my friends are true friends and kept things very tame!!!

Sunday we got up and had to pack up to leave by 11 – as it was check out time and we had to get back to Hilliard for my shower!

I think everyone had a very good time and we are looking forward to going back next year!!!


What is it about Thursday and me updating my blog? My goal is to update at least every other day for the next week!

The last week has been VERY busy!! Wedding invites out, girls weekend, bachelorette party, wedding shower, MRI, sick day, wedding stuff, doctors visit, and work craziness!!!

Wedding stuff of the week -
Last Thursday night after many things not going as I wanted them to the invites FINALLY got done (except about 6 that need to go out tonight) and mailed out on Friday after work!! YEA!!! I didn’t realize how happy I would be when they went postal. We have started to get our RSVP’s back already and so I need to start updating the spreadsheet to track the RSVP’s.

I ordered the flower girl dress today - again not as simple as I thought it would be! We had picked a dress…I kept forgetting to order it. So Wednesday I went to order the dress, and the site wouldn’t take the order…the e-mail to them wouldn’t work…and their phone number just kept ringing and ringing….NO answer. So I took that as a bad sign and started looking for another dress. I found one - went to order it and nothing would add to my cart. I e-mailed them and got a response this morning that the site had an issue yesterday and it was back up and running. So this morning I ordered the dress - and it SAYS that is was shipping today, so fingers crossed that it comes in the next could of weeks!!!! I ended up ordering - http://flowergirlprincess.com/product_info.php?products_id=464

RSVP’s have started to come in, yea! Makes it fun to check the mail every day, I’m sure there will be a decrease soon after the first responders are all in - but for now I will take it!!!

I have a start on the ceremony so I need to have Dave look over it this weekend to get one more thing confirmed!! I also need to work on making a to do, to buy, to confirm, etc.

Only a little over 5 weeks to go!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

End of Summer Fun

I started out the weekend with no plans for Sunday and Monday, so I had all these plans for things we could get done. THEN Dave decided to go to Cabela’s with his friend Tom and Tom’s dad on Sunday and reminded me that that some hunting season opened Monday and he planned to go. The thought of sitting home alone and getting anything done over the two days was not looking good. So Sunday AM after I got up and moving I decided to head to Indian Lake to see the clan. I figured I really hadn’t got to see people that much over the summer, it felt like all of our trips ended up rushed. It ended up being a very relaxing and fun Sunday. I got there and we went on a golf cart ride, kids played in sprinklers, watched them ride their bikes, played fossball (sp??) with the older ones, went on a boat ride, had some pizza from Froggy’s, and just sat around and talked. Overall a wonderful last of “summer” day at the lake! I ended up taking my mom home and spending the night their, we worked on the final invite list. (yes I know I am WAY behind)Monday I came home early afternoon and just did a few things around the house and TRIED to work on the wedding invites. But that didn’t go as easy as planned and I ended up giving up for the day after a couple hours of fighting!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun with Friends

Saturday night our friends had some people over for a cookout. I had a great time!! It was good to see friends that I haven’t seen in months, and their friends who I haven’t seen in a year! It was very relaxing we just sat round and talked and enjoyed the evening til the bugs came out!!

So for the record yes I DID ask my friend to have this gathering. Yes I have wonderful friends!! I always have a good time at her parties, she has a diverse group of friends and I love to hang out with them. Somehow things are always low key and fun - I hope for her too.

Since we don’t really have room to entertain in our too small apartment I frequently talk my friends into having people over. Normally I don’t even have to do much arm twisting to get them to do this. Yes I do feel kinda bad asking…but really I am doing it for the greater good…as all of our friends love getting together. Yes, that is what I keep telling myself J

I can’t wait til we get a bigger place where we can have people over!!! I am BIG on the house kick lately…but we have to get this whole wedding thing all wrapped up before we can start focusing on that. So 2009 is the year of house research….I can’t wait, even though I know it will be STRESSful.