Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small Town Baseball Fun

The Columbus Clippers are playing in a brand new stadium this year and I have been wanting to go all summer. Somehow summer has almost slipped by us but I FINALLY mad it! Dave isn’t into baseball and didn’t want to go, so I went with Jackie and Kristi which was MUCH more fun!

We met at Kristi’s office to we only had to take one car down to pay for parking AND Kristi had tickets from work so we didn’t even had to pay to get in! We got there about an hour before the game actually started, but it worked out OK. We got familiar with the stadium and the location of all the different foods that we wanted. Nope it isn’t a simple everything in one location, each area had a different variety of items they offered.

To bad I forgot my camera because they had all kindsa random things I thought would be fun to have pictures of, as well as us girls having fun!

We watched the players get ready for the game, stretching pitching, decided which one we thought we should send Jackie after, you know all the normal before game fun! If it wouldn’t have been for the darn sun in my eyes when I looked over at the girls it would have been perfect!

The game was fun, but as I always say I think 7 innings is really enough for baseball, and it could be the 5th inning stretch. I have it ALL figured out!!

I was sadly rather excited to be able to have “Stadium” food. Hot Dogs, soft pretzel, and nachos. A lot f people like “Festival” food, I have been wanting “Stadium” food all summer!

The Clippers did end up winning, I think I was the good luck charm of the night!! It was a nice end of summer evening.