Friday, June 12, 2009

Will I Ever Learn?

To not wait until the last minute to get ready and pack for trips?

We are going camping this weekend. We haven’t been since last August and to say the least we didn’t do a very good job or organizing things when we put it away. So I knew it was going to take some time – but MAN!

I started bugging Dave earlier this week to get stuff together, and he did dig some of it out on Monday night. Then Tuesday night he got the call that he needed to go out of town overnight for work. He ended up leaving Wednesday @ 5:15 AM and didn’t get back until Thursday night at about 11:15. So both of those nights ended up out the window!!

So tonight we started. I had gone on-line looking into what all we should be bring up and made up some a spreadsheet of things needed to pack, so we started checking things off when we got home from work tonight.

The car is now half packed, we had to make a quick trip to Meijer to get a cooler and a few other things. The one we have been using for a few years is rusted with the handle up and won’t fit in my car!

Dave is working on getting the last of the things we can think of together – minus our clothes. That will be a tomorrow AM event. We aren’t planning to leave until 10-11 AM since we can’t check in til 3 and we are staying until Monday.

I am TRYing to be patient and go with the flow this weekend. A little less structure than I am used to…so we will see how it goes.

On Sunday we will be going to Brandywine Falls and a few other places in the NW Ohio region.

It should prove to be an interesting weekend!!

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