Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Culver’s Fundraiser

For the last 5 months we have had a monthly fundraiser for the Relay For Life of Hilliard at different restaurants around town. This tonight we had our last one at Culver’s in Hilliard. It is a pretty good deal - we got 10% of all sales of the evening and all we had to do was spread the word and have a few people work as “runners”. As orders got done we got to take them out to the customers table or car if it was a drive up order. I am a big DORK and LOVED it! Not saying I would like to do it every day or for a living, but it was fun. PLUS we got to have someone at the door to accept donations!

The fundraiser lasted from 6 PM – 9 PM to cover the main dinner rush. It stayed pretty busy most of the night between people getting dinner and then also coming back to get dessert. We had about 9 volunteers throughout the evening to help.

At the end of the night we made $110 from sales and about $25 in donations/tips!! Compared to the other fundraisers we have held that was pretty good for it only covering a 3 hour time frame! AND we got to eat some yummy CHEESE CURDS and ice cream - a win win situation!!

Only one more fundraiser to go for this Relay season!!

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