Monday, June 8, 2009

Columbus Arts Festival

This weekend was spent downtown Columbus at the Columbus Arts Festival working a Beer, Wine, and Pop booth to raise money for the Hilliard Jaycees. In years past we have worked the event for one day, but this year decided to do two days. To say the least it was two LONG days. We didn’t have enough people so Stacy and I both ended up working all day both days! Lucky for us the weather was very nice for the festival and we got to be under nice big tents so heat wasn’t too much of an issue!

We made our pay for the weekend but also got a little over $100 in tips! Pretty good for not being about to ask for them by putting a tip jar out!

The Arts Festival is always fun to people watch out, it brings out the biggest variety of people in festivals that we work. You have people dressed up with heels and dresses and suits - to people in town clothes with multiple colored hair! Our booth was pretty slow so we got to do A LOT of people watching.

I got to look at my favorite vendors items, he does black and white photography – and he had some of the places we are going to be going next week. I didn’t buy anything, his prices have gone WAY up in the last few years, and all the stuff I have bought from him is in a box labels home d├ęcor. That I keep adding to, but never have taken anything out of! I figure with all of Dave’s pictures if I am going to buy something it better be SPECIAL.

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