Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Evening

Tonight was supposed to the LAST Relay For Life Fundraiser for this year that I was planning/taking part in. I was VERY excited. As much as I LOVE Relay I need a break. I know we can collect $$ til the end of August, but I am do ready to be done!

We had a Lia Sophia party planned at a local hotel. As of 10 AM this morning I just a handful of maybe’s but no Yep I’ll Be There’s. So after talking with Stacy we decided it was best to cancel it. We are looking into having it later this summer, maybe August when the new catalog comes out?!?

So what is a girl to do with an unexpected free evening? Why call Stacy and see if she wants to do Happy Hour at Uno’s of course!! Stacy had also been wanting to buy a camera but because she is SO dang busy keeps putting it off. So I figured Uno’s AND Best Buy all in one evening would be perfect! So off we went.

We had some yummy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas and Pizza Skins at Uno’s for dinner. And of course some good conversation! We have been so busy lately we hadn’t had time to go out and enjoy our evening without it resolving around Relay or Jaycees.

Next stop was Best Buy! It was great - I got to play with cameras and someone else was buying! I had done some looking on-line at a few before we went so we really only LOOKED at 2 different ones. One I didn’t realize in my web looking was a Waterproof to 10 feet camera - I of course wanted one, til Stacy pointed out the chances of me actually going underwater!

She ended up getting a shiny new RED Cannon!! It is very cute, and has a ton of features!!!

So yet another SUCCESSFUL evening - yummy food, fun with a good friend, and a new camera!!!

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