Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corn Festival

Friday night Dave and I went to the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival to meet up with our friends Stacy, Jimmy, Robin, and Michelle. Stacy goes every year and Dave and I went a few years ago and had a great time. It’s a small town festival and all of the money the food vendors make is going for some charity/community organization. So the prices are reasonable and you don’t feel bad about where your money is going!! We got there a little after 7 and finally met you with our friends a little after 8 – we where late because of rain and traffic dang it!!

We had some corn of course and the fresh made doughnuts - still warm - yummmm-o!!!

The ride home was the not so fun part. As soon as we got out of the field aka parking lot it started to rain. As soon as we got out of traffic it started to POUR!!!! I hate driving in the rain - but yet again for the 2nd time in a week I was driving in the pouring rain. L But after some slow driving me made it home safely!!!!

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