Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been very grumpy the last few days! Dave has been working late the last 3 nights. This will be great when the OT comes in on his check!! We can really use that money at this point. But that means I have been hanging out at home by myself the last few nights. I have gotten some stuff done around the house. But really I don’t have much go to get anything done when I am home alone. I would rather watch TV and waste time! But then later I feel bad because I got nothing done.

At lunch today Io went out to waste some time…and a WASTE of time it was! I went to the Goodwill store - the selection and items where BAD, the worst I have ever seen really. I want to Payless - they only have 2 styles in stock of dyeable dress shoes - both with over 3 inch heels. That isn’t going to work! Then off to Bath and Body Works - I forgot my coupon (the ONLY reason I was going) and then I looked and they don’t even have any kids stuff available right now. ARGH!!! What a waste of time. So all of the and I still had over 30 minutes left…so I went to Arby’s and hung out there while eating lunch….GRUMPY Carrie

Tonight we are supposed to go do some shopping and run some errands. That will be nice to get out of the house and attempt to have some fun for a little bit.

I want to go to JoAnn’s and use Dave so we can use more coupons to get a few small things. I would rather us both go and get 40% off two times than 20% of the total order. We have time and there isn’t anything we really need RIGHT now so it’ll work.

It’s going to be busy weekend - Meet with possible Reverend, Stella’s pre-birthday party, family fun time, more engagement pictures. But that will be a good number of checks off our list.

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