Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Survived!!

The camping trip that is! It was overall a good weekend.

Friday Night - Dave didn’t get home till about 6 PM so we finished packing up the last of our things - things I forgot or where to heavy for me to lift! And we headed off to Delaware State Park - which is only a few minutes from home. The longest part of the drive is from the main road BACK to the campsites - on average 10 minutes! As we started unpacking it started to rain - not sprinkles, not pouring - just a nice steady rain. Of course I forgot me pop up canopy so back on the road I went to get that from home. On my way back out of the park I did get to see 2 deer on the side of the road - which helped to calm me down SOME! I get the tent and sides and head back out. Unfortunately it was 7 PM by this time and I was HUNGRY, all I had to eat all day was sweets so I was shaky and not happy. So I ran through Mickey D’s for a light dinner. I get back to camp and I was in charge of dinner - pizza pies. This turned into a disaster (i.e. - Carrie’s breakdown of the weekend) and I was about to leave but my co-worker was camping next to us so I went and talked to her for most the night. I calmed down, had a s’more and headed back to our site to clean up the mess from dinner as the raccoons started to come out! And off to our tent I went. I slept OK - it was rather chilly/damp and we didn’t have a very big blanket.

Saturday -
We’ll Dave and I got up at 6:30, so we headed on home to shower and get this stuff to go to the range in the afternoon. We ended up being gone longer than expected going to Wal-Mart and Mickey D’s! We got back to camp around 9:30 and sat around and talked and cleaned up and then Stacy, Jimmy, Dave, Michelle and I headed off to the range. I hate guns!! But I did it - after Dave trying to get me to go for YEARS! We overall had a good time though. We enjoyed some yummy food - including some very yummy corn on the cob!!! And finished the night off with some Jell-O Shots, s’mores and drinks. Again - chilly and damp - but I survived!!!

Sunday -
We slept in til almost 9!!! Time to pack up - YUCK! I hate to pack up, it’s always HOT and who likes to pack up when you just get to look forward to going home! I had some bacon and sausage for b-fast. Dave and I packed up the car and where on our way hoe by 10:30-ish. We went home and napped for a loooong while and then when it started to cool off unpacked the car and took everything thing in the apartment.

Overall - a pretty successful and fun trip!!

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