Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another nice weekend

Wow I am not doing very good at this! No updates since Saturday, what a slacker!!! So I guess I’ll do a few catch up updates.

Friday -
Dave and I went to Cheesecake Factory; he is on a fish kick and likes the variety there. Then we went to Costco - where we went in for one thing, didn’t find it and still spent tooo much!!! But I did get a new geek stick to replace my injured one. Then to Bed Bath and Beyond because I wanted to register for some picture frames - I didn’t even THINK about it the first time.

Saturday -
We did next to nothing allll day! We finally left the house at 7 PM to go to dinner. Hoggy’s just opened up Delaware last week so Dave wanted to go there. I hadn’t eaten all day, there was a 45 minute wait, I said nope lets go somewhere else. We walked down to Ben’s and only had a 10 minute wait so that is where we ate. Things went well there and dinner was yummy so I was happy! Then off to the car wash for bath time for my car, it was very needed! It was 8:45 and we decided to go get ice cream. Now I know my favorite place quits serving food one hour before the close…no biggie, I would have thought they would be open til 10 since it was a Saturday night and it was 84 degrees out, nope - they close at 9…again no biggie it’s 11 til when we place our order - or ATTEMPTED to. They turn the shake machine off at quarter til. Okay - really, you are an ice cream place - I would THINK that would mean you serve ice cream and take orders for ice cream until you close. Soooo we had to go to the other ice cream place in town. Lucky for us they had later hours still!!! So I had a yummy shake with marshmallow fluff and choc syrup!!!!

Sunday -
We decided to go up to Mohican for the day. It was pretty relaxing day. Dave went walking in the water taking pictures, I wondered around land, we walked the trail for a little, drove around to different parts of the part, and I sat and watched kids play while Dave went fishing. It’s very fun to people watch at places like that. The variety of people, how they interact, how the kids interact. It was enjoyable til the rain came. We got in the car JUST as it started to POUR! Of course when we got out of the part I needed gas, so we go to the gas station and as soon as Dave starts to pump the gas the electricity went out. It wasn’t out for long and then we where good to go!

We got home and went to Hoggy’s for dinner, only a 15 minutes wait!! It was OK, the service wasn’t very good, I was over-charged, but they did try to make it better we got free cornbread and a $10 gift card to go back!

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