Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yea Me!!!

So Monday night was Gahanna’s Jaycee meeting. I’ll be honest I was tired and wanted to go home instead of going to the meeting, but I went. And it was a good thing I did! At the end of the meeting we went over awards given out at the All-State that I missed because of my family shower. And I was given an award….one I am very excited about - Community VP of the Quarter!!!! Yep I’ll admit it…I am somewhat competitive in a kinda quiet at times way. So yea…I was rather excited - I was kinda bummed when Jimmy from Hilliard got it the 1st quarter.

The award was kind of a kick in the butt. It’s over half way through the year, I am rather busy with life and wedding planning. I have started to slack in my duties…I need to STOP that! So I hope that this will set me back on track as much as I can be with everything else going on.

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