Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am sooo frustrated tonight! I had an MRI last month, when the dr. sent me for it she said she would review it and then tell me what kind of specialist I would need to go to. So I get the results in the mail – everything on it was fine but to schedule an appt to come in. So I called in and scheduled the appt. I went in this afternoon for a 5:15 appt. and didn’t see the dr. til 5:45 and then it was for all of 5 minutes to give me a name and number to call and schedule an appt. So an hour of my time and $20 of my money for what she could have told me over the phone!! And she doesn’t even know if she is in my insurance plan. So tomorrow I call to see if she is in my plan and try to schedule an appt with the specialist.

When I got home Dave went through the freeze and we made a list of all the food we have so we can try to make a meal plan for the next few weeks. We have a lot more in there than I thought we did!! Which is a good thing. We have dinner defrosting for tomorrow and we will pick meals for the days we are going to be home and go shopping for the finishing touches. A step in the right directions – now for a little more follow through.

I tried to watch the DVR of Sunday nights Big Brother….and it was 60 minutes!!! How annoying…good thing you can watch whole episodes on-line!!

Overall a pretty good and a semi-productive evening. I hope tomorrow stays in the same direction.

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