Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Are things so difficult! I am having major photographer issues. We had our engagement photos taken the end of June. We got them back the first week of July. I didn’t like them. And it was JUST because of them being of Dave and me. They had bad lighting, one was blurry, there were only 10 to pick from, and they all looked the same! So I went back and forth for almost a month. Everyone I talked to said they didn’t turn out very good. I e-mailed the photographer last Friday with our concerns. I got a response on Saturday, but I didn’t think it was overly professional and she was a tad rude in it.

I have been looking for a different photographer for a few weeks. I think I might have found one. Dave and I need to go over things tonight and might be meeting her on Sunday! I am concerned about my wedding pictures if we stay with the current photographer. I looked at a new wedding on her website and again see blur and light issues. So we will see what we come up with. With our budget we can’t afford a lot but I do think this 2nd photographer has some good potential from what I have seen so far!

Last night Stacy and I went to our first fitting for our dresses. I think it went very well and I am looking forward to seeing my dress again in a little over a month!! I do need to buy some under the dress garments before we go back and see if I can find a bra that I like to wear and that doesn’t show when wearing the dress!!

I also got an e-mail from my aunt yesterday that she has started getting RSVP’s for my shower that my aunts are having for me in Ada on the 16th. I am getting excited to see everyone!! But I am kind of nervous. I don’t like to be the center of attention and having people look at me!!! I need to figure out what I am going to wear!!

I am currently working on the wording and stuff for the invites so Stacy and I can start printing them soon….time is going by TOO quick!!!

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