Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now I Understand..

What it is like to Blog. I have been a blog stalker for more years than I care to admit. I normally check a few everyday. When I go and check a blog and there is no new post - I'll admit I am kinda sad.

This week I have found myself multiple times saying I need to update my blog or oh yea - I could update my blog. But I never seem to get logged in and do it!

Saturday - Was a tiring, but fun and productive day!
*I got to Stacy's around 10 AM. We looked at some stuff on-line for the wedding.
*Picked out jewelry to order. (I am not going to order right now but I just wanted what I was going to order decided!)
*Went over the shower invite list.
*Went Culver's with Jimmy for lunch.
*Then the shopping marathon started!
*The Party Store - looking for invites for the wedding shower, didn't see any we liked but did find some plate's to buy for Stella's b-day party.
*The Popcorn Store was next. We tired a bunch of popcorn, figured out how much we are going to need to buy for the wedding...over 52 gallons!!! It was yummmy!
*Target - Added a few more things to the registry. Found invites for the shower that we liked. Just looked at bunch of stuff while enjoying our Watermelon Jolly Rancher Slurpee-thingy.
*Back to Stacy's to get JoAnn's coupons
*To JoAnn's - Got our frame and mat for the photo mat to sign. (and got an extra discount!!!) Ribbon for out bouquets. Paint for an aisle runner, and a few other random wedding things.
*To Wal-Mart - Not even sure why we went in there! But I did end up wondering the school supply aisle. I LOVE school supplies!! I got a new binder to try and get all the wedding stuff in one area...we'll see how that goes!!!
*To Jackie's to pick up pasta salad..picked up pizza...and FINALLY back to Stacy's at 10:55 PM!!!

So we got alot of wedding stuff done...but best of all. I got to spend a day having fun and spending time with Stacy!!!!

A few checks down - many more to go!

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