Thursday, July 17, 2008


So yesterday I FINALLY went and had my MRI.

I was scheduled for it the end of May/start of June but I called and cancelled. I was looking into some insurance things which didn't really pan out. But I knew that a month ago and just kept putting it off. Last week the co-worker told me I needed to call and re-schedule. So I did. My nice dr. have me a small script for Valium since I freak out in small spaces pretty easy.

So I left work early yesterday and Dave and I headed down to the hospital. We went to the new hospital in Dublin that has only been open a few months. It was great! Everyone was VERY nice and helpful. (Even though we got there late)

I survived the MRI and should have results back in a few days. Then we will see where the dr. sends me next!

One more thing off my stress list for the week!

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