Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love Panera!

Since I got my laptop this year I think Panera is my new favorite place! (Until the Mickey D's in Ada opens) WiFi!!! I can get things done while I would normally be wasting time and shopping while waiting to go places.

What a busy weekend!
Friday - Went to work. At lunch I went and got the tags for my car renewed - I hate doing that. Next year I will do it early!! After work I went down to Indian Lake. We went on a boat ride, it was a perfect night! Not to hot not to cold to be on the lake. When we got back in we went to Froggy's for dinner. The place was PACKED! Tooo much for me. I don't are for large groups of people or loud noises. It was both.

Saturday - Mom and I went to meet meet the Day of Coordinator for the wedding and look at the reception site. Allison had some WONDERFUL ideas!! We also went to the park and found a few locations to have the ceremony. Then to lunch to go over flowers, set up, etc. It went very well - but I left with my head spinning!!!

Then mom and I went looking for a dress for her. We found one we both liked but she is afraid it isn't MOB enough..so we'll see if her friends approve! I hope so.

Then to Wal-Mart for a few items and back home. We met my dad and uncle at the Mexican restaurant in Ada. It was pretty good!! Nice to have some variety in town!

Then it was home to watch some TV....or in my case NAP! I napped for a little then up and talked to mom and uncle for awhile then finished the movie we had started.

Sunday - Bummed around then Jen came down to cut my hair the day went crazy from there. So I got my hair trimmed and headed home.

Yep after all of that I had to nap when I got back home again!!!

Overall a good and productive weekend. But now I have even more things I need to do. Well maybe not MORE but more brought to my attention!

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