Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So today has been wedding wedding wedding. I woke up to a dream about the wedding and NOTHING was done. Only 25 people showed up, it was in a SMALL room, we started an hour late and I had no aisle runner or programs. Sooo that made me start to make a list of what still needs done and what I need to buy.

*E-mail day of coordinator to set an appt to meet her. (Yes much to Dave's dismay I WANT one!! I would like to have a little less stress that day)

*I need a florist!! That is my main thing that is still not finalized. So I e-mailed a place today to see if he would give me a quote. I also sent pictures of what I want so hopefully it will go well. We meet with one florist 2 weeks ago but I am not sold on him yet. He was a little more than I wanted to pay. Yep I am cheap - but really I don't need that much so I don't think I am being THAT hard to deal with.

*I need to figure out invitations this weekend. See if I need to order anything.

*I need to buy a large frame/mat for guests to sign. And a few pens.

*I need to buy the aisle runner. And the items to paint on it. ( I NEED the monograms I ordered to come in!!!)

* The card box. Stuff is bought but needs put together.

*Engagement Pictures - They are taken. I e-mailed today to see if I can get them mailed to me (prints and CD). I am going to have to learn some photo editing to see if I can fix a few. I think we are also going to try and go take some more ourselves as I wasn't thrilled with the ones we got.

* Popcorn Buffet - I need to check bag size and see how much I am going to need to buy. Thanks Stacy for finding one of the bags I am looking out so I can see if it is too big or a good size!! Still need to do figure out the stickers to put on the bags.

*Programs - Need to see if I can do what I want with what we have....sometimes a small bridal party isn't a good thing!!

*Table Runners - I am buying some from a knottie. I should have all I need!!!

I love lists!!! I am trying to become more organized in my old age :)

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