Friday, December 19, 2008

Why make plans?

When they never go the way you plan them!

I left work early today to go to Marion to pick up my camera from UPS. They close at 6. From work is should be about an hour drive, but with traffic I wasn’t sure if I would be able to. So I called it quits at 4:30. I got to the UPS place around 5:30..then I waiting in line while everyone mailed out their Christmas packages. I gave the very nice UPS woman my address and she brought out a box…from Duluth Trading Company. Um, Ms. UPS lady this is my husbands’ package, not the called and asked to be held. Oh..they probably held the wrong one then. GREAT. Oh my driver is expected to be back between 7:30 and 8 PM. WONDERFUL!

So I called Dave…yelled for a few. Decided to drive home and get Dave and go back later. We decided to just be lazy and go out to dinner in Marion and then pick up the camera.

Got to Marion…and every restaurant we looked at had a long out the door! We ended up at Ralphie’s Sports Bar. The waitress dropped my glass of water, at least only a little of the FREEZING water got on me. The food wasn’t too bad.

Head back to the UPS building…it’s 8:05. Go back in to where the drivers check in…get to speak to another nice UPS woman. Oh, my package is STILL not here? He is 10-15 minutes away…wonderful. I will go sit in my cold car and wait.

8:15 I FINALLY got my camera….but was still in a crabby mood….not a good way to start the weekend!

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