Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Day

Sunday was just as lazy if not more so than Saturday. But for some reason at 9 PM I thought I should be productive! So I worked on Thank You cards from the wedding. Yes I know we are behind in getting them done - my goal now is to get them done but the 18th…which is in less than 3 days.

Today was back to work, had to get caught up from being off on Friday. It wasn’t too bad really since this is out slower time of year. So that made me happy! After work I went shopping with Stacy and Jackie for our adopted family with the Hilliard Jaycees. We had a fun time shopping for things we thought the mom and little boy would like and need. After shopping we headed to Uno’s for Happy Hour - which I am hooked on because it is mini appetizers!! I don’t have to make up my mind, I can just order 2 J

On the way home I was on the phone with the Hilliard President Elect to try and get things started for next year….making work for myself!

I got home and Dave was signing the Thank You’s. I addressed the envelopes, now I need to get another book for stamps, put the card with its envelope and return address stamp the envelopes and we will be done…I think I can get them out on time YEAH!!!...and on to Christmas Cards…..UGH!!!!

And on a side note - I pulled out a piece of the stitch that had got lost in my leg…ICK!!!!!

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