Sunday, December 21, 2008

Semi Productive

I just am NOT in the holiday mood this year. I am not sure why not really. But I just don’t FEEL it.

To say the least this week was SEMI productive. I had a crappy week at work last week so Saturday I was taking the day to recover. And did NOTHING, but be crabby…I’ll admit it. But I couldn’t help it. I didn’t WANT to be crabby.

We went to go to the zoo at 830, but it started snow/ice/sleet on the way so we turned around. BUMMER.

Today I went to Kristi’s for the Gahanna Jaycees baking session for Cookies for Rookies. We bake cookies and other holiday treats and member deliver them to 6 fire stations on Christmas morning. We had a good time an made 4 different kinds of cookies.

After that we ventured out into the cold to head to Meijer to buy gifts and food for out Christmas Adopt A Families. Wow is it had to pick out toys for kids with no list of their likes. But we did it…and only went a little over budget.

When we came out it was COLD and WINDY. It was BAD!! I drove home and at point it was almost a white out on 270 and traffic was going 35 mph. NOT fun. Then I got on 71 and it was just windy.

Now I am just trying to warm up…and not think about the fact that it’s back to work tomorrow…but the co-worker is suppose to be bringing me cookies…that is a plus!!

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