Monday, November 1, 2010

November the "New" New Years

Wow - It’s November! October was a crazy month for me and it FLEW by, which makes me sad because October is my favorite month - and November means cold and snow on the way - ICK!

October started off with a “family” vacation to Myrtle Beach. My parents and I drove down, my brother, SIL, and neice came over for different parts of the week as work would allow for them. It was the first time in 10 years-ish that my mom, dad, brother, and I had been on vacation together. It was a good time overall but would have been better if Dave would have had been able to take off work and go with.

Then I had cabin camping with the Girl Scouts, starting the campaign trail for the Jaycees (I am running for Community Development VP for 2011), a fun evening with friends, and then more meetings on Sunday.

And then I prepared for the BIG event of the month. Stacy, Jackie, and I went to Charlotte, NC for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This event was a year in the making - between training (which I didn’t do so well at) and raising the $1,800 that we EACH had to raise to be able to walk. The walk is UP TO 26.2 miles the 1st day and UP TO 13.1 miles the 2nd day. It was a WONDERFUL event and experience, and I would like to try do Chicago next year is I can find some people to go with me. I did 15.2 miles the 1st day and 13.1 on the 2nd day and was VERY happy with that!! The heat got to me, I don’t like heat or the sun and really didn’t train for that, but we live and learn!!

The week after the walk has been not so good. My feet got HUGE, between swelling and retaining water I was a mess, couldn’t fit in any of my shoes except my Crocs, and that was JUST barely! I had a head cold when I got back, and I normally don’t get sick! So I have been tired for a week, going to bed by 9:30 everynight, VERY unlike me! And to top it all off I got Pink Eye at the end of the week.

The last weekend of October didn’t really go as planned - Saturday started of in the Dr. office because of the Pink Eye, which then lead to the Pharmacy. Once I got home I didn’t really do much of anything that required energy - took a few naps - had a VERY lazy day! Then Sunday was the last stop on the campaign trail. WHEW - what a month!

Now I am looking at the schedule for the next two months and finishing out 2010. As always they are pretty busy with everything going on for the Holidays. I am trying to get in the mind set of this time of year is supposed to be FUN and I need to enjoy the things I am doing and living more for the moment. Many people I have talked to and blogs that I have read lately seem to be in the same mind set and are trying to gain more control back in their lives….it seems November 1st might be the new January 1st when it comes to “New Year Resolutions”.

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