Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hanging On

I am hanging on to the wagon today, I don’t want to fall off, I have done good for 3 days and I need to stick with it.

Last night I almost didn’t go to water aerobics, I was in the parking lot and realized I had forgot to shave my legs. So I started to head home but decided that it wasn’t THAT bad, and I was just coming up with another excuse. So I went in, and had a great time! I am glad that I talked myself into going, I am feeling good today!

Of course, when I got home I was tired, but I did my To Do list. Yep - all 6 items! Go me!! If I won’t have had the short list and would have looked at my HUGE to do list I would have been overwhelmed and continued to sit there and watch TV, but I didn’t.

Tonight I have two meetings which means I won’t get home til 8:30, which doesn’t leave me much time. So I am going to keep my list short and simple so I can keep myself going.

1. Find earring and put them in my ears
2. 15 Minutes in the kitchen
3. Flip Laundry

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