Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mind Over Matter

I have heard this saying a LOT lately but this morning on the way to work it hit me for my situation. I look at the BIG picture and get overwhelmed and give up, I let my negative mind take control. If I can’t do it all and fix it I want to do nothing…and to say the least that isn’t getting me anywhere but upset. When I am upset I just want to ignore what is going on around me, which again only makes it worse.

Last night I know I had a busy evening ahead of me but I went into it with an open mind. I made a realistic plan and decided I would do my best. I went and voted - go me! I know this shouldn’t be a big deal, but normally I decide it will take to long or I won’t find a parking spot so I don’t go. I went home and flipped the laundry to check something off my to do list in the 30 minutes I had before my meeting. Then I went to the local Red Cross Club Red meeting, learned more about the group and made cards for Veteran’s. Then back home to see what all else I could get done. I looked at my list multiple times and just kept going, one thing at a time! I got 5 of the 6 items on my To Do List done last night, I was unable to put the suitcases in the car because my husband has HEAVY things in the trunk he needs to take out. I wish I could say I didn’t have to talk myself into doing those 5 things but I had to, but I DID IT! I made a list and stuck to it. Might not seem like a big deal to some people but it was to me! When I went to bed I was happy because while there was much more to do to I did get something DONE, and even a little more! If I can just keep going with this thought process I will slowly but surely get to a better plan mentally! On the way to work I was already trying to think of what was going to be on my list tonight, crazy!

I am going to start going back to water aerobics tonight and I am looking forward to that, except for the how out of shape I am going to be after 4 months of not going. I don’t know WHY but I have been making excuses not to go for the last 3 months, and I really do like going! So today is the day, I paid for the class yesterday, I have a bathing suit, and I have no plans tonight - which means I have NO excuse not to go! I know it will be worth it in the end but it is almost like the first time I went, will I know anyone, will I like the people if I don’t already know them?

To Do 11/3 Evening -
1. Get rings out and back on
2. 15 minutes in the kitchen
3. Flip Laundry - Maybe ONE day it will be done
4. Get e-mail to under 90
5. Journal ¼ of Avon Walk For Breast Cancer Book
6. Put summer clothes in a tub

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