Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Steps

I have to remind myself of this in many areas of my life, things didn’t get this way overnight and I can’t fix them overnight.

My house didn’t get messy overnight, that has been from years of me being gone for days and weeks at a time. From all of the things that I have to go along with all of my activities. From things that I thought I just had to have and had great ideas for. Now years later I am looking at them taking up space. I am slowly going through things, trying to decide what I really need to keep, and what I can part with. I can only go through a little at a time, but if I do a few each night I WILL be able to get it more organized and find what I need.

I didn’t become overweight overnight and it won’t come off that quick. I started trying to do better yesterday and I would like to say it wasn’t a good time, but really when is there a GOOD time to make a life change like that? There will always be some kind of treats that I will want, there will always be stress that I think food will help me get through, there will always be social events that involve food. So again, baby steps, moderation, do what I can each day. Plan ahead so I know options that are at least semi-healthy.

Getting caught up on my To Do List, this one seems never ending! I look at it and it overwhelms me and makes me not even want to look at it. I have tried to break it up to what is actually reasonable for a set time. Why I think I can get 12 things done in an evening AND cook dinner and get to bed early I don’t know. So tonight it’s going to be more realistic I think I am going to pick 6 things that are things that I can get done and ONLY do those things until they are done. I have a habit of finding other things that I decide I need to do and those get done but nothing the things on my list.

To Do List for 11/2 Evening -
1.Mail Card
2.Box up things to be shred and take to basement
3.Empty Suitcase
4.Put both suitcases in trunk of Car
5.Go through clothes and find at least 5 things to donate
6.Flip laundry

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