Thursday, November 6, 2008

I wanna.....

...go on vacation. Yes I know I was just off work for 7 days for the wedding and Hocking Hills. Yes I had a good time - but it was too short! Dave and I haven’t been on “vacation” together in like 5 years. We had a sucha great time I am ready to go again! But we aren’t sure where we want to go! I have ideas, different places for different reasons, which only makes it harder to decide what we want to do so we can start planning!

The Florida Keys - I have wanted to go since I was 12. We went on a family vacation to Florida with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Somehow they got to go the Key’s and I didn’t. I think maybe I went to Disney and they didn’t? I don’t know. I just know I have wanted to go since then! Plus I would think it would very pretty sunrise/sunset. So that is another draw for me.
Outer Banks - I would like to go back again in the off season. I went in HS for my cousins wedding in October and thought it was pretty. Again I am thinking sunrise/sunset. We also have family in the area so we could see them too. I also went down once in the summer when I was in college with the fam, but overall it wasn’t much fun, it rained the whole time!!!
Yellowstone - Not sure where this one came from. I am blaming my mom! After we went thought a few of the National Parks last year on our Vegas adventures we started talking about going. Dave would like to go. Mom somehow things Dad might go?? Yea I am not seeing that really!
Disney - I wanna go back at Christmas decoration times! We also want to take Stella sometime. I am going to starting working on my mom on this trip now that the wedding is over.
Vegas - I know it, I like, there is a variety of things to do.
Cruise - I wanna go on one. Dave does not. So I am trying to talk some of the girls into going. We talked about next year. But I really don’t think it is going to be happening. But I thought I would add it to my list.

Many more….I am sure there are many more, but those are the ones that have been on my mind the last few days.

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