Saturday, November 1, 2008

A "relaxing" Saturday

Wow, it’s November. I am really in denial!! I have decided to try the one month of blogging this month. I haven’t signed up at the site yet. But it is on my to do list - the ever growing one!!

Today we went and voted. They say we got lucky as our line was a little under 2 hours - for a 2nd time voter, how is THAT lucky?? But the weather was very nice to be standing outside so I know it could have been worse. The main reason we went today was because Dave will be out of town on Tuesday, so he needed to go before he leaves tomorrow…and we didn’t realize this til Thursday afternoon….opps!!!

We went to lunch at a local restaurant Bun’s which wasn’t the best experience there. I now remember why I had not been picking to go there. Dave’s food was cold in the middle, the rolls had been way over cooked, and service was kinda slow.

We then headed to Wal-Mart to buy some shelving units for the basement so we could start project “Get this place in order” - between all of our stuff, never really going through stuff when we moved here two years ago, all the new wedding stuff, and my free time – we have got to get on it!!

We came home and chilled for a little while and then started on the basement. Wow oh wow do we have a lot of “stuff”!! We have already taken 2 bags of trash out, which makes me happy!

We decided we needed to go get some cleaning supplies….so out we went…and I forgot the one thing I wanted - the paper towels!!! So now I will have to pick them up in the AM.

Overall not really an exciting day – but it is a start on my new project J

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