Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Day Down

My Mom and Dad picked me up at 9 AM this morning to start our Adventure to South Carolina. The day started with my mom calling to say they had gotten lost already. My apartment is NOT that hard to find. But they quickly got back in track and got me.

I went to put my three bags in the car and wasn’t sure if they would even fit in the trunk! My mom had SO much stuff to take down with us. Food for Thanksgiving, clothes people had given her to give to Stella, a trash can Sarah liked and left in Ohio, and a chainsaw….YES a chainsaw! I guess Sarah has a bush out front that she wants out. Everything did fit though!

There really isn’t a good way to get out of Ohio to 77. It is either rather out of the way or roads that at times are 2 lanes. This time we took 33 down to 77. Let’s just say Dad did NOT like this route. A lot of stopping and going slow in small towns.

About 3 o’clock Dad decides our goal is to drive THROUGH Charlotte and stop of the night. I pointed out to him that we would be hitting Charlotte at rush hour….but he was driving so we went ahead and did it. Let’s just say the last hour was HORRIBLE!!!! My Dad is NOT used to driving places and especially not in heavy traffic!

We are staying in a Holiday Inn for the night and just got back from a yummy dinner at Longhorn. My is getting ready to watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars and I am going to get some sleep for the rest of our drive in the morning!

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