Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Steps…

Tonight I “started” my training for the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer next year! I joined the Y last week and tonight I went for something other than Water class!

I am sure the people there got a nice laugh out of me. I decided I was going to start trying to get some time in on the treadmill. Of course I haven’t used one in YEARS. And they never had this many buttons before! So I walked around it, away from it, back to it, almost left, decided not to. Finally I got it started…and walked for 15 minutes and then did the 3 minute cool down...for a total for .7 miles. Yes I know it wasn’t much, but it was a start. And I learned for next time - bring water and my Zune! They have a few TV’s with closed captioning but, I of course was standing in front of Sports Center - BLAH!!!

I plan to go back on Friday night after our Girl Scout outing and try for 30 minutes….BABY STEPS will get there!!

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