Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Back!

We made it Charleston, SC tonight around 6:30. The drive wasn’t bad at all and the roads had all been cleaned, but you could see cars that didn’t make it so well through the snow storm of the weekend.

My goal was to leave by 6 AM, and we somehow left at 5:45, but had to go back home to look for Dave’s inhaler, oppps. (Which he didn’t find) We had to make a quick stop in Grove City to drop some things off at one a friend of Dave’s house and then on the road again.

We make it to South Bloomfield and we stopped at Mickey D’s to get some breakfast, and I took over the driving and drove the rest of the way down. Dave isn’t feeling to well, possibly the start of the cold like thing I had a few weeks again - YUCK!

We stopped in West Virginia at the Tamarack for about an hour. We walked around and looked at all the arts and crafts, bought a few things, had some lunch and hit the road again. They have a very nice eating area that is set up kind of like a cafeteria and you can pick what you want from the different stations. I think we will be stopping there again if we go though the area near a meal time!

We made it through Charlotte in good time and plenty before rush hour, unlike my parents who it at rush hour AGAIN!

We got here and got checked into our room with no problems, chilled for a few and then off we went. We needed to find another CVS to get a new inhaler for Dave before we did anything!

After we got the inhaler we headed down to downtown Charleston to see what we could find. I was a little sad to see not many Christmas decorations. We ended up going down by the water to take some pictures. We didn’t stay long as it was on the chilly side and I was hungry!

We ended up coming back to the area by the hotel and going to Carrabba’s and now we are back in the room relaxing from a long day!!

Tomorrow we get to see the family!!!

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