Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it time to go home yet??

This week at work is going SO slow! I think part of it is the gloomy weather, part of it is my work load is a little less for some reason, an the fianl part is I have thing at home I want to get DONE!!

We are leaving for vacation on Saturday AM and I am NOT ready yet. Yes I know it's only Thursday but I just feel behind, but I am making my lists so it should help a little. I guess somehow this week got busier than I thought it was going to be.

Monday - I had my Girl Scout meeting. Yet again it went pretty well. I was concerned going in, I had a headache already. But Kim was in charge which made it nice for me! She had a few crafts planned for the kids and they seemed to love them. They are putting together items to put in a basket to auction at a school raffle. The Brownies did colored/smelly salts for a bath and little bags of potpouri. The Juniors did soap. They carved old soap into smaller pieces to put into the big bars of soap. It was pretty cool and I have never done any of those things before! Next meeting - a birthday party theme! So now I am on to that. Got home and picked up a little bit but it was soon time for bed.

Tuesday - I went to Curves and then decided I really wanted Chinese. So I waited for Dave to get home to go there. We went in my car (I have been driving his) and start on our way and something wasn't had a FLAT TIRE! UH! Just what we needed rgiht before leaving on vacation. So I freak out for a few and then when we got home and I calmed down when we rememebered we had a warranty on it and most likely the repair would be cheap or free.

Wednesday - I left work at 2 and went home and called AAA to have them change the tire. I figure we pay for it every year we should go ahead and use it instead of having Dave out there in the dark, rain, and cold. Then I went to Curves and left from there to make my 5 o'clock appt to get the tire looked at. It was just a nail in the tire. They patched it up and said it should be good to go. I ended up going to Panera so I could work on some paperwork and try to get some things done. Went to the Y to get a Program membership so I can take water aerobics. Found out I can't sign up for the class til Saturday though :( But I SHOULD be able to do it on-line. I sure hope so!!! went home and picked up the living room and ran the vaccum, much to the cats dismay. Just when they thought I was done I would turn it on again....hehehe. I went up to bed at 10 because I had been so darn tired all week!!!

Today - Well I can't decide what all I am going to do. I need to do a few different things but not sure how it is all going to work out....I just want to start getting our stuff ready so we aren't freaking out on Saturday AM!!!!

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