Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home More??

It is hard to believe that a year ago at this time was finalizing plans for our wedding. I really do kinda miss it! Yes at time it was stressful but overall it was great. I love to plan events, and right now I don’t have one to plan so it makes me miss it even more! I have even been having wedding dreams again – HOW weird that??
I have been going through stuff trying to clean up and thin things out. I keep randomly finding things that remind me of it. Too bad I can’t find the paperwork from where we bought my rings! I need to get them cleaned, checked, and dipped and they won’t do it without that darn paperwork. ARGH!!!
This is just making me realize HOW much I need to get organized this winter. Now that I am home more it bugs me more. Time to get rid of some stuff and organize what is left to find easier. We had a yard sale in August and only brought back in 5 things and donated the rest and it only seemed to make a dent. So I am starting the boxes for Yard Sale 2010! How sad it that? But whatever it takes I guess!

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