Saturday, April 25, 2009


So all I can say about today is HOT!

My mom had the lovely idea to take Stella my 3.5 year old niece to the Columbus Zoo today. She had called earlier in the week to see if I wanted to go and me who never looks at the forecast agreed. Well we ended up breaking the 2 main zoo with kids’ rules - 1. Don’t go when it is hot 2. Don’t go on a weekend.

I met them in Marysville and off we went to the zoo. We get there and mom sees that the Baby Elephant is on display from 11-1 and it was almost 11 so off we went. We got in the line and the signs said it would be about an hour. An hour with a 3.5 year old who had just sat in a car for 2 hours - I was worried. Luckily they had some different animals in line that you could look at and even pet some of them and the line did move rather fast. About 15 minutes out from seeing the elephant Stella decides she is hungry. Sooo mom talks a guy on the outside of the line into going to the pretzel booth and getting us a soft pretzel. That held them both over til we got through the line.

I have to say the baby elephant was rather cute! He was walking around following mom and even got away from mom’s side for a minute.

Then we went off to see the rest of the zoo. We saw the Sun Bear and then Stella decided she was hungry for lunch. Soooo off we went to the back of the zoo to get her some food. Of course she wants a hamburger and that the longest line there. So I go in line and the girls sat down. And I got to listen to the screaming kids AND parents. Really the kid is 2 - do you think they can make up their mind and then be quiet and still for 20 minutes. NOPE - so why yell? That is just MORE annoying to the rest of us. I can excuse kids being irrational - but the parents should know better, especially when it is the 4th kid!

Then we went off to the play area for Stella to play for awhile. At first she was scared of the big kids and climbing up to the top so we over to the smaller kid area. Then she got brave and climbed to the top!! After about 15 minute of playing we decided to head off to see some animals….but ended up at the Carousel. Mom and Stella rode and she seemed to have fun!

Off to see the Manatees - that was a packed short visit and then we all decided to head home.

On the way out we did see an alligator and Aunt Debbie’s favorite Pink Flamingo’s. Then it was time for the cotton candy hunt. The vendor that Stella thought had cotton candy didn’t L But the LAST booth on the way out did. YEA! I didn’t have to keep looking.

On the way out there was FINALLY wind - but it was blowing so hard poor little Stella was having problems walking. So I ended up carrying her to the car - which took us awhile to find! One of the ONLY times I don’t walk right to the car I came in.

I haven’t been so happy for AC in a long time!!!!

**Just in case you need an overview we saw 5 animals while at the zoo - I think that is RECORD low for me!!

Mom dropped me off and I ran to KMART to try and get a few more things during Super Double Coupons and then headed home!

We are in the middle of reorganizing the kitchen/dining area and couldn’t get in the kitchen so we ended up using a coupon and ordering pizza from Marco’s. We had never had their pizza before but it was a pleasant surprise! I think we will be ordering from there again in the future.

Then the bad part of the day that made me HOT again - our cable/DVR box started acting up, even worse than it had been. We couldn’t get cable through it; we couldn’t watch recorded shows, nothing. I was sooo angry we decided to get out of the house and headed to Marysville to use our Cold Stone Creamery gift certificates! YUMMMM-O!!! Birthday Cake Remix, need I say more!

So much for my slow nothing going on Saturday!!

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