Friday, February 13, 2009

Mrs. H

5 days short of 4 months after we got married I have FINALLY changed my name at the bank! The whole name change has been a very slow process for me. I went to the SS office on Christmas Eve, but didn’t make it to the BMV before it closed, missed it by one minute! BUMMER!! So I went back to the BMV on New Year’s Eve to get my new DL. Now the bank was a whole different story. It isn’t close to work or home, they are only open last 5 PM on Fridays. Every time I was planning to go something came up. So I finally went tonight – GO ME! Of course the lady we talked to when we added Dave to the account in October gave me wrong info. Dave has to sign the paperwork for the account, so I have to mail it in after he signs it. But they let me cash my checks so I was happy!!

I met Dave at T.G.I. Friday’s for dinner after all the bank fun and sitting in traffic. They have a buy one entrĂ©e get one free coupon going on this month so we thought since we had other errands to run in the area and it would be late when we got home to we would give it a whirl. I haven’t been there in forever and we have never been together. The food was pretty good, but temp wise was VERY hot. Which made it hard to eat and annoying, but other than that it was good.

Well we are headed off to see my parents this weekend, so I better get a packing!

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