Sunday, January 18, 2009

January BLAHS

So far 2009 has not been off to the greatest start. On the 1st it was ER for Dave's bronchitis, then back to Urgent Care the next week for the same thing. He is feeling better now.

Our heat has been out for awhile now, but with heaters we had been doing pretty good...til it's been below freezing and 0 for a few days now it is kinda chilly. After a week of snow and cold I am SICK of it!

Thursday night my car broke down on the way home. Lucky for me it was close to home so Dave could get me and we got the car home. Had AAA come tow it to the repair shop. Yea that is a $750 breakdown!! Struts and springs and stuff.

Friday Dave got rear ended in the work van. He is OK just a little sore and the van just needs a new bumper.

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