Sunday, October 12, 2008

T Minus 6 Days!

Where did the last week go?

Monday - I had my first Relay For Life committee meeting. Not very exciting. It was only me, Stacy, and Meghan our ACS staff person. No one else showed L Hopefully that is not a sign of how the year will go. We had a good meeting overall though and got some ideas of out plans.

Tuesday - Mystery Dinner night at Spaghetti Warehouse! I love those things. We always have a good time - it is so much fun. And of course the food is very yummy.

Wednesday - Dave and I got off work early to go and get our marriage license!! Yep I was very excited, we finally got everything we needed and got it done! We also went to Dave’s parents house to pick up a present and to Costco to look for a few things….which we didn’t find. Dangit! But it was nice evening!

Thursday - FINALLY a night at home!! Tried to get caught up a on a few things, including my neglected DVR.

Friday –Dave and I went to Sam’s Cub to price some things. Headed over to The Container Store for a photo box that I was wanting. Walked around window shopping. To TJ Maxx and Dick’s Sporting. Then to Stacy’s to pick up some more of the wedding stuff that I needed to take to my parents.

Saturday – Off to Ada again, dropped off stuff, went to Lima for some more last minute shopping, you know the drill!

Today – Came back from Ada, started going through and trying to organize our wedding/shower presents. Had to return a few things and get everything for the cats to be on their own for a week with a quick visit from us. Overall….a pretty nice day!!!

This coming week we don’t have a lot planned. I am just happy about only working for 3 days!!! Yippy!!!

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